☆ Submit your own Student Artwork! ☆

Do you have any examples of your own artwork that you would like to share on our blog?

Submit your artwork to Ms Durkin with your name and form group. Annotate your work to explain your intentions or inspiration. We will photograph your artwork before posting on this page.

Anya has shared these fantastic Harry Potter inspired drawings - great idea of reverse gender characters! Keep up the brilliant artwork Anya!

We are lucky enough to have Anthony share more of his fantastic photographs with us following the Easter break. Anthony has taken his inspiration from nature to explore different approaches to documenting the vibrant spring colours. Keep up the brilliant work Anthony!

This excellent artwork has been designed and created by Antoinette in Year 8. She is a fantastic artist who has demonstrated her ability through this engaging composition which shows the influence of popular culture. Thanks so much for sharing Antoinette!

These fantastic photographs are by Anthony in Year 9 who has been exploring different techniques in digital photography. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photographs!

Bhavini has shared these brilliant Manga drawings which show a great drawing style. Keep up the brilliant artwork Bhavini!



These fantastic Manga-inspired studies have been submitted by Kaloyan in Year 9. These study drawings demonstrate Kaloyan's excellent drawing ability and his preferred style of arwork. Thank you for sharing this fantastic body of work Kaloyan!


The plasticine scene and animal drawings have been completed by Gramos in Year 7. Gramos made each section of the sea lion and crocodile separately before joining them together. He has used blue plasticine for the water effect in this imaginary scene. Gramos is inspired by his love of animals in creating his artwork and often researches animals on the internet before creating his artwork. Well done Gramos!



These well observed Manga studies have been submitted by Doaa in Year 7. Doaa has used pencil to re-create these scenes and has captured the expressions and poses well. Thank you for sharing Doaa!

Lauren in Year 7 has submitted these mermaid drawings. Lauren enjoys H2O: Just Add Water and she has been inspired to explore different kinds of sea creatures. Keep up the good work Lauren!

Louis in Year 7 has submitted these great stylised drawings of animals. Louis has complemented his studies with large lettering. Keep up the good work Louis!

This artwork has been submitted by TJ, Year 9. TJ has demonstrated his excellent use of Photoshop in focusing on use of layers in creating this image. Brilliant work!

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